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Three years ago, just before our first bike and barge trip to the Loire Valley I met a friend that had been to Paris numerous times.  Upon hearing that I was going he said to be sure and try his favorite restaurant in Paris- Les Sans Culottes. He briefly told me a little bit about the name of the restaurant which I have found to be most intriguing.  Sans Culottes is an expression that translates literally in our modern era as "without pants".  I have excerpted 2 paragraphs from Wikipedia for the full explanation. As is most fitting for the times the restaurant is located not far from the Bastille, the most famous prison in France.  

"The sans-culottes (French: [sɑ̃kylɔt], literally "without breeches") were the common people of the lower classes in late 18th century France, a great many of whom became radical and militant partisans of the French Revolution in response to their poor quality of life under the Ancien Régime.[1] The name sans-culottes refers to their clothing, and through that to their lower-class status: culottes were the fashionable silk knee-breeches of the 18th-century nobility and bourgeoisie, and the working class sans-culottes wore pantalons, or trousers, instead.[2] The sans-culottes, most of them peasants and urban labourers, served as the driving popular force behind the revolution. Though ill-clad and ill-equipped, they made up the bulk of the Revolutionary army during the early years of the French Revolutionary Wars.[3]:1-22

"During the peak of their influence, the sans-culottes were seen as the truest and most authentic sons and daughters of the French Revolution, held up as living representations of the revolutionary spirit. During the height of revolutionary fervor, such as during the Reign of Terror when it was dangerous to be associated with anything counter-revolutionary, even public functionaries and officials actually from middle or upper-class backgrounds adopted the clothing and label of the sans-culottes as a demonstration of solidarity with the working class and patriotism for the new French Republic.[2] ""

You can read the entire description here.

I have consulted Trip Advisor as to the quality of the restaurant and while it doesn't get particularly great reviews, I am still intrigued enough to want to go there and try it, just to embrace part of the history of France.  Besides who could resist going to a place that looks like this. 

Un vin rouge s'il vous plait!


P.S.  I have added 2 new pages of info to our website called Paris Guide and Paris info.    Click to view them  Paris Guide  and  Paris info

Cabin update:Since we have sold our original alotment of cabins I have requested and received 2 more cabins.  So if you know of anyone that might be interested please alert them.  

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