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Several of you still have outstanding bills and I would ask that you please pay them immediately.  To check your balance sign in to your ski club account and look in the lower right hand side of the page. Then mail in a check to the Treasurer.  

Below is a picture of the infamous Bastile prison

While not legal today, in the 1700's it was permissible to imprison those that were overly delinquent (hint hint) in their bill paying. As it happens, and it's purely coincidental, our boat dock is very close to the site of the Bastile, France's most famous prison.  I say the "site" of the Bastile because the actual prison building no longer exists.  The Bastile was stormed by the peasant population on July 14th 1789 and was a milestone of the French Revolution.  It was dismanteled after the French Revolution, but it's symbolism is every bit as strong today as it was during the French Revolution. In fact July 14th is the most important and celebrated day in all of France. It's only a short walk from the Place de La Bastile to the restaurant "Sans Culottes" that I had mentioned in my email of 11 October, 2016. Read it here Email Oct 11 2016  Therefore a stop at each is on my itinerary.  

You can read an extensive article from Wikipedia all about the history of the Bastile starting from 1357.  Click here.

We are now 19 strong and I would like to invite those of you within commuting distance to our house to a "get to know you" party.  It's always great to meet your fellow travelers ahead of time so we can share information and good times together.  I will provide food and drinks but if you feel there is something special you would like to bring then by all means bring it. Sunday February 26th at 5 PM is the planned date and time.  I will send out a reminder about 2 weeks ahead of time but it might be a good idea to mark your calendar now.  

Our address is: 88 Palmer Ave in Falmouth.  There is plenty of parking available. 

That's all for now!



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