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Dear fellow traveler,

A quick update on a few items.  

First - the final payment.  It won't be due for a few days yet as I am awaiting the bill from the tour operator and by my calculations it should be a little lower than originally planned due to the strength of the dollar.  However until I get the final tally I can't tell you with certainty as to how much it might be, if at all. So hold off paying until next week sometime when I should have all the information. I will send out a notice once it's ok to pay. If you have already paid in full as three of you have, then there will be a small refund coming.  

Second -Yesterday while flipping through channels I happened upon a travel show by Rudy Maxa called Smart Travels. I'm addicted to travel shows and this one proved to be worth while.  If you have cable TV you can pull it up via on-demand.  Search for Maxa, then Smart Travels,  then Season 3 episode 10-  "France's Champagne region".  It's filmed close to the towns we will be visiting and is pretty much spot on with our tour.  So give up on those "Friends" and "Seinfeld" reruns and check it out. 

Third -  If you want to share a hotel room or a car rental with your fellow travelers then let me know and I will circulate your request.  As it happens 2 of our fellow travelers are planning on renting a car and are looking for others to share the experience and expenses. They are planning on staying for 3 or 4 days after the trip. So drop me a line if interested or if you are looking for others to share with.  

Fourth - This photo is of a restaurant called Le Train Bleu.  It's a beautiful restaurant inside the train station at Gare de Lyon which is close to our boat dock.  According to friends that ate there this summer the food gets mixed reviews but the interior is amazing.   Care to join me?  I will have a table by the window with coffee and some croissants waiting. 

Happy New Year!   Michael

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