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Dear {Contact_First_Name},

The first taste of Winter will happen any day now.  Forcing us to spend more time indoors than any other season. So how to use your time wisely?  Especially since there are only 133 days to go!

First, exercise.  Get those legs in shape. No marathon necessary, just get on your treadmill or stationary bike and raise that heart rate a bit. It's time in the saddle that is important not distance or speed. You will be grateful later on when riding through the French countryside and the Champagne will taste all the better. 

Second, research.  You can start by checking out this short video that I have attached but there are so many resources about Paris and the Champagne region that it is impossible to list them all here.  Did you know that more people visit Paris per year than any other city in the world?  

For some interesting reading I can recommend the following:

The Most Beautiful Walk in the World by John Baxter

Paris, paris- Journey into the city of light by David Downe

and a DVD by PBS called Paris the Luminous years.  This DVD is one of the most enlightening and interesting views of the Paris art scene that I have ever encountered. If you do only one of these then let this be the one!   A history lesson and an art lesson all in one!

I must take a moment here and thank club member Marge Brogan for giving me this abundance of reading material, the DVD and a plethora of maps. If you do take it upon yourself to get a map, then I recommend a plastic covered accordian type that is easily stored and used.   

Lastly, we still have a space available for a single male as well as the last cabin for 2 that I am trying to sell. Why not take a moment to think of which one of your friends or family members might enjoy joining you on this fantastic trip!

This email will also be posted on the club website under the Bike and Barge 2017 heading. That way you won't have to dig around for it later on if you wish to refer back to it. 

Below- The Musee D'Orsay was formerly a train station but is now one of the premier museums in Paris. I highly recommend a visit here. 

Happy Holidays to one and all,


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