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Greece trip 1 - Corfu to Corfu

Day 1: Arrival in Corfu town

Day 2: Corfu Island - Sivota - Parga - Lefkas Island, 18 mi. (28 km)
Day 3: Island of Lefkas, 21 mi. (35 km)
Day 4: Cephalonia Island, 25 mi. (39 km)
Day 5: Islands of Ithaca and Meganisi, 13 or 17 mi. (20 or 28 km)
Day 6: Island of Meganisi - Mytikas - Lefkas - Paxos, 13 mi. (20 km)
Day 7: Islands of Paxos and Corfu, 14 mi. (23 km)
​Day 8: Departure from Corfu/Marina Gouvia

All distances are approximate and subject to change due to changing weather conditions, lock repairs, or other unforeseen circumstances. The captain and crew reserve the right to make changes at any time with safety as the top priority.

Day 1: Arrival in Corfu/Marina Gouvia
Check-in on the ship begins at 2 pm. In the evening, you'll enjoy dinner on board. Overnight stay in Corfu town.

Day 2: Corfu Island - Sivota - Parga - Lefkas Island, 18 mi. (28 km)
In the morning, the ship sails to Sivota, the only center of tourism on the western coast of the Greek mainland. From here, you'll cycle to Parga, a pretty town with a medieval fort which towers over the old town. The boat will be waiting to navigate to Nidri on Lefkas Island. On the way, you will pass the original swing-bridge which connects Lefkas with the Greek mainland.

Day 3: Island of Lefkas, 21 mi. (35 km)
After breakfast, you cycle a relatively short distance to a waterfall nearby Nidri. With a bit of luck, there will be enough water to have a refreshing swim. Afterward, continue on quiet roads over the hills via Siyros to the picturesque harbor town of Sivota. Here you board the boat and cruise to Fiskardo on the Island of Cephalonia. Situated on the northern tip of the island, the harbor town enchants with its colorful houses and many cafes and bars along the lively waterfront promenade.

Day 4: Cephalonia Island, 25 mi. (39 km)
Leave Fiskardo by bike and climb an impressive mountain road on the west coast of Kefalonia, where you are met by awe-inspiring views over the Assos peninsula and the famous Myrtos beach. After the climb, turn inland and cross the island. Shortly before the end of the bike tour, you will visit the Melissani stalactite cave on board a small rowboat and marvel at the incredible blue tones created by the unique cave formations, sun, and water. In Sami, the boat welcomes you where you'll set off for Vathy on Ithaka. 

Day 5: Islands of Ithaca, 13 or 17 mi. (20 or 28 km)
In the morning, you will cycle on the homeland of the mythical king, Odysseus, Ithaca Island. The is a hilly island with a beautiful landscape. On today’s cycle route you can enjoy the typical character of the Ionian Islands away from the beaten tourist track: gnarled olive trees, crystal clear water, and friendly islanders – time appears to stand still on Ithaca. Decide for yourself if you are up for the challenge of a true hill climb, or if you would prefer the leisurely alternative of a panoramic ride at half the height. The Panagiota awaits your arrival in Frikes, where you'll board and set off to the small island of Meganisi.

Day 6: Island of Meganisi and Paxos, 13 mi. (20 km)
Meganisi is a tiny island with lots of charm, which you have the opportunity to explore in the morning by bicycle. The scenic tour takes you along quiet and quaint island roads and through the three villages of the island, which give you a glimpse into the traditional island life of the Greeks. At Spartochori beach, you can enjoy a coffee and a swim in the sea. In the afternoon, sail to Paxos Island, whose unique natural harbor in Gaios creates a special island atmosphere. Spend the evening in one of the cozy taverns of Gaios.

In 2023, the cycling distance will be slightly less: 10 mi. (17 km)

Day 7: Islands of Paxos and Corfu, 14 mi. (23 km)
Paxos, the smallest of the seven Ionian Islands is a grove of olive trees, which gives the island its wonderful silver-green color. On today’s cycle tour you will circle the island and have the opportunity to swim in the Mediterranean and relax on one of the many beaches. After lunch, the boat brings you back to Corfu town and following dinner on board, you end your tour leisurely with an evening in the romantic, historical town center.

Day 8: Departure from Corfu/Marina Gouvia
After breakfast, check out at 9 am and collective transfer to the airport. Extra time on the island of Corfu will be very hard to pass up!

Greece trip #2.  Athens to Athens.

Day 1: Marina Zeas (Piraeus/Athens)

Day 2: Island of Poros, 14 mi. (23 km)
Day 3: Galatas - Ermioni - Nafplio, 25 mi. (40 km)
Day 4: Mycenae - Island of Spetses, 31 mi. (50 km)
Day 5: Islands of Spetses and Hydra, 15 mi. (25 km)
Day 6: Methana Peninsula - Island of Aegina, 15 mi. (25 km)
Day 7: Island of Aegina - Piraeus/Athens, 22 mi. (35 km)
Day 8: Marina Zeas (Piraeus/Athens)

All distances are approximate. The itinerary is subject to change, even on very short notice, due to changing wind and weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances having to do with mooring requirements, docking location changes, lock repairs, etc.

Day 1: Marina Zeas (Piraeus/Athens) – (Embarkation)
Individual journey to Marina Zeas, the yacht harbor of Piraeus, only 25 km (15 mi.) from Athens airport. Check-in on the ship is possible from 2 pm onwards. Dinner on board and overnight stay in Piraeus.

Day 2: Island of Poros, 14 mi. (23 km)
Spend the morning sailing to the Island of Poros. In the afternoon, you begin cycling from the island’s capital of the same name towards the 18th-century Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi. Continue on, almost completely circling the entire island, which in ancient times was dedicated to the sea god, Poseidon. Shortly before the end of the tour, you arrive at Russian Bay, a sandy beach with turquoise blue waters, the perfect place for a relaxing swim! Back in the enchanting harbor of Poros, with its iconic clock tower soaring above the rest of the town, This eventful day ends in an authentic Greek atmosphere.

Day 3: Galatas - Ermioni - Nafplio, 25 mi. (40 km)
After breakfast, a small car ferry takes you from Poros to Galatas in the Peloponnese. Begin your cycling tour which leads us along the sea and through fertile agricultural land towards the small coastal town of Ermioni. Here the Thalassa awaits you for lunch onboard during a leisurely afternoon crossing to Nafplio. In the early afternoon, the tour guides invite the guests on a stroll through the picturesque alleys of the former Greek capital. Nafplio is a captivating island with its ingenious fortifications and eventful history along with its flower-filled old town and the numerous beautiful cafes, bars, and restaurants. The perfect place to spend a wonderful, relaxed evening.

Day 4: Mycenae - Island of Spetses, 31 mi. (50 km)
After breakfast, head out on a bus ride into the Peloponnesian inland. After cycling through an impressive apricot and orange grove, you reach the remarkable Mycenaean fortress of Tiryns and the magnificent castle of Mycenae. Both sites have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1999. In the 2nd millennium BC, Mycenae was one of Greece’s most important cities. King Atreus and his son Agamemnon play a significant role in Greek mythology. The excavation site is enthralling: The famous Lion Gate, the incredibly thick cyclopean walls, Grave Circles A and B along with the gold and silver discoveries, and the Treasury of Atreus are all very much worth a visit. In the late afternoon, the boat will take you from Nafplio to the Island of Spetses. In the evening, stroll through the alleys of the beautiful old town, decorated with pebble mosaics, or end the evening at the old fishing port with a glass of wine.

Day 5: Islands of Spetses and Hydra, 15 mi. (25 km)
The island of Spetses got its name from the Venetians who called it “Isola della spezie”, the island of herbs. With the accompanying aroma of wild herbs and panoramic views, today’s tour leads us along the traffic-free road that circles the island. For most of the ride, you are able to enjoy incredible views of the turquoise sea. Later on, there is a longer break at one of the beautiful beaches for a coffee and a swim. Your journey continues to the island of Hydra. Since time immemorial donkeys have been the only means of transport on this unique, beautiful island. Thanks to seafaring, the island became very wealthy in the middle ages. Then, after the Greek War of Independence, spanning from 1821-1830, the island fell into a hundred-year slumber. It was only when, in 1957, the film “Boy on a Dolphin” starring the unforgettable Sofia Loren was filmed on Hydra that life was brought back to the island which then became a mecca for artists. A unique place with arguably the most beautiful sunset in the region!

Day 6: Methana Peninsula - Island of Aegina, 15 mi. (25 km)
In the morning, sail to Methana Peninsula whose volcanic origin is immediately noticeable by the smell of sulfur and the shimmering colors of the rocks. The peninsula is characterized by its 30 plus volcanos, some of which are still active, as well as the medicinal, sulfurous thermal springs. Today’s round trip offers numerous, incredible views. In the afternoon, sail to the island of Aegina. If the weather permits, there will be a chance for a longer swimming break along the way.

Day 7: Island of Aegina - Piraeus/Athens, 22 mi. (35 km)
The island of Aegina is famous even beyond the borders of Greece for its excellent pistachios. Today’s bike tour takes us up to the sanctuary of the goddess Aphaia. The beautifully preserved temple towers high up above the blue sea, the only place on the island from where the Aegean Sea can be seen on both sides. On the ride back, cycle through the center of the island passing the great monastery of Saint Nektarios to Aegina city where the ship awaits. Then sail back to Piraeus and enjoy a final, celebrative evening on board.

Day 8: Marina Zeas (Piraeus/Athens) - (Disembarkation)
After breakfast on board, it is time to disembark to return home or we recommend following the tour with an extension in either Athens or the Santorini.

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