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Membership Policies

  • Dues are $45 and must be paid each year.
  • The paid year begins October 1 and lasts until September 30 of the following year.
  • Membership is required for multi-day trips.
  • The Upper Cape Ski & Sports Club and its officers reserves the right to deny membership and to alter its fees and policies without notice.
  • Non-member trip surcharges do not acrue to membership.


  • A day trip will not run without at least 15 paid attendees or as posted as a due date on our website.
  • Payment is due at least 10 days in advance; otherwise, space cannot be guaranteed.
  • Please pay through our website whenever possible. This helps assure a prompt reservation and enables us to maintain an accurate count.
  • Checks must be made payable to Upper Cape Ski and Sports Club.
  • The Upper Cape Ski & Sports Club reserves the right to change the departure location. 
  • The trip may be operated by another ski club.  Regardless of carrier, members still pay the same price.
  • If paying for a trip and membership at the same time, separate checks are required. However we prefer that you pay at our website.
  • Payment must be in the form of a check (or credit card or Paypal via our website.)  Cash is not accepted.
  • Non-members must pay a $15 surcharge per trip. This fee does not count towards club membership.
  • There are no separate rates for children, juniors, seniors, etc. All participants pay the same flat rate (plus non-member surcharges, if any).
  • On overnight trips, members will be paired and grouped into rooms by the trip leader.  Any special rooming requests should be made well in advance, with your trip application.  If single accommodation is requested, the member making the request will be held responsible for additional charges and fees as a result of the request.
  • All overnight trips require you to be a fully paid member.

Trip Leaders

  • For an overnight trip: If the trip leader does not earn complimentary lift tickets and accommodations, the profit made by the overnight trip will be applied toward the trip leaders fee (at the member's rate) for the trip. Any remaining profit made by the overnight trip will be applied toward the club treasury. If no profit is made, the trip leader is expected to pay the full rate of the trip.
  • For a day trip:  A day trip leader will not be charged a bus fee for a day trip that he/she is running.  If a complimentary lift ticket is provided by the mountain, the trip leader is entitled to that ticket. Otherwise, the club treasury will pay for the trip leader's lift ticket.


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