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1st Annual Poker Run

A huge thanks go out to all those that joined us for the 1st Annual Poker Run!  The event was a tremendous success, with 25 participants anteing up and cycling the new bike path, stopping at pre-determined locations to pull a card.  We met at The Landfall for coffee and instructions.  Before departing into the chilly Autumn air, riders pulled the first of five cards that will create a poker hand.  The first stop was West Falmouth Market, where we grabbed our second of five cards and a quick drink before heading back on the trail.  At 11 miles, we pulled into the Beach House in North Falmouth.  The poker players were greeted with some of the best pizza we've had in a long time.  A third card was pulled at this stop and the trash talk began.  Some already had a pair, with "Two Ladies" setting the bar, while others had straight and flush draws going.  A few beers and 10 pizzas later, we cruised back onto the path on our way back south.  Wheeling into Michael Finegold's house, cyclists pulled their fourth card.  Those with high hopes for a flush were quickly disappointed while an inside straight draw loomed as one to watch!  A pair of Kings took the cake so far.  We enjoyed Michael's new deck in the warmth of the sun, one of the nicest days in recent memory it seemed.  After gingerly (and not-so-gingerly) crossing 28 to the bike path, the journey continued onto our final stop back at The Landfall.  Donny Estes had a delicious spread all worked up for us upon arrival and everyone enjoyed the afternoon sun, food, and friendship.  At least until card 5 was pulled, then it was all business.  Donny, our gracious host, was also our victor with two pair, Aces and Fives.  Great hand, Donny!  Being the generous guy he is, the $250 winnings were donated back to the club!  This is sure to be an annual favorite!  See all the pictures at our Shutterfly Photo Site.


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