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Global Warming

Global Warming

As skiers and riders we are acutely aware of when conditions are great or not so great for our sport.  We love the snow!
While global warming used to be greatly debated as to whether or not it was actually happening that no longer appears to be the case. It is now generally accepted that global warming is rapidly progressing and if left unchecked will produce serious consequences for the earth and all of it's inhabitants.  In Europe, which tends to be slightly warmer than the U.S., several ski resorts have already permanently closed due to the lack of snow.

All of us need to be aware of our carbon footprint and when possible help to reduce it. 

Here, as a reminder to all of us that love the outdoors, is a widget that indicates the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This page will be updated with relevant articles and ideas as time and space permit.

Our Climate is Changing!

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