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From Holland's intriguing capital to Belgium's artistic gem, this bike tour follows meandering rivers and canals over the famously flat Dutch countryside and through Flanders' beautiful landscape. Amsterdam and Bruges hold no limit of treasures.

The Golden Age of the 17th Century was a peaceful and prosperous time in Holland when art and architecture flourished. The elaborate and beautiful canal system we enjoy today was designed druing this time, lined with the homes of wealthy merchants. The Golden Age was reflected in art as well. Be sure to take time to view Rembrandt's life-size masterpiece Nightwatch at the the Rijksmuseum.

Along the Amstel and Vecht Rivers, you cycle to Dordrecht, one of the first settlements in the Netherlands. The tower on the Grote Kerk dates from 1339! Via more dikes, ferry rides, and several opportunities to visit the beach, you will enter into Belgium's Ghent, a major port with inviting riverbank caf├ęs.

Well before cycling into the colorful town center, you'll see Bruges' towering Belfort (bell tower) guiding you ahead. Architecturally, the city remains one of the best preserved examples of the northern Renaissance style. Birthplace of Flemish art, Bruges in now home to many magnificent paintings by Jan van Eyck and Gerard David. The Groeninge Museum is a great place to see a comprehensive and fascinating collection of 6 centuries of Flemish, Dutch and Belgian painting, including Renaissance and Baroque masters. Michelangelo's sculpture Madonna and Child can also be found on display in the Church of Notre Dame along with several other artistic gems: paintings, carved wooden statues, painted sepulchers from the 13th century et al.

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