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Welcome to the Upper Cape Ski and Sports club 

A club for travelers and adventurers

We have now had 6 very successful Bike and Barge trips.  We will continue to offer them in the future. Anyone in a reasonable level of biking fitness will enjoy these trips.  This is casual biking leaving you able to enjoy the surrounding countryside at a leisurely pace while experiencing the local culture, it is not a race or a feat of endurance.  

Check our current trip/event signup page or join our email list to be kept informed. 

Our past trips

2018- Bike and Boat  from Dubrovnik, Croatia and back.   April 29 to May 6th 

2018- Bike and Boat from Bruges to Amsterdam    July 7th to July 14th

2017 - Bike and boat from Paris to Epernay -  Champagne tour May 20th - May 27th. 

2016- Bike and Boat from Passau Germany to Bratislava to Budapest to Vienna and back to Passau- May 1st to May 8th

2015- Bike and Barge from Amsterdam to Bruges-May 2nd to May 9th

2014- Bike and Barge the Loire Valley in France-May 3rd to May 10th

You can find detailed information about some of these trips by clicking here...Where have we been?

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